About Us

The world is full of difficult concepts to grasp. Concepts like submission, self-preservation, and condemnation (among others) are feelings and actions humanity has experienced since the dawn of time. For millennia, artists have been using a variety of creative mediums to tackle their perspectives on these concepts. Perhaps a picture contains the thousand words to come to grips with sacrifice. Maybe a poem perfectly encapsulates the idea of lament. Can we grasp the sculptor’s worldview when it comes to loyalty?

Everyone has a perspective.

In this interconnected world of biases and opinions, we often find ourselves blocking out those who we disagree with and amplifying the ones who agree with us. We convince ourselves that our perspective is the only way to look at a truth. When we cut off any opposing views of this truth, we cut off our potential relationships with those around us. However, when we open the lines of communication, we all grow as humans and become more humble, graceful, and forgiving in our interactions with others.

Perspectives Arts holds to the ideal that everyone has a story—a perspective, if you will. These perspectives are given the greatest voice through the creative process. The art we create is an extension of our soul, and thus a window into our hopes, dreams, fears, and challenges. We hope to spark conversation with art, to draw out opposing viewpoints and open people’s eyes to the multitude of perspectives living around us. We want artists to tackle the difficult concepts in our world, to express their views in a way that cannot be silenced. Because in a world full of noise, art is often the silent voice that speaks the loudest.

We hold art events throughout the year to present these perspectives. Here are some art show FAQ’s.