While most world conflicts are more complex than the singular event that ignited them, there’s still usually one moment that acts as the catalyst for the wars that follow. It’s usually the point where the downtrodden say, “I’ve had enough!” These moments are molded by a hope that rising up will result in a better life and that peace can be restored to a world filled with unrest. Hope is a driving factor for people to act. Entropy states that everything should bow to chaos but humans resist this statement as they try to restore order to the universe. Hope is not a passive emotion, it is an active belief that things can always be better. That the past can be restored. What do you hope for? What do you want to see restored? What are you doing about it?

Defiance by Dylan Walsh

Artist Statement: This piece is meant to depict a fist raised in defiance. I was destined to die, but Jesus defied that and died in my place so that I could live. The fist is Jesus’ fist nailed to the cross.

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