What artistic mediums are allowed in Perspectives Arts shows?

All mediums are welcome! Painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, video, audio…you name it, we’ll accept it. Keep in mind that the artist must provide a way for people to interact with their art. Whether this is printing out booklets containing a short story, framing a poem, having a screen loop a video, or whatever is needed to experience the art, the artist is responsible for this presentation.

How talented an artist do I need to be to submit a piece?

We welcome artists of all talent, and we consider everyone to be an artist! While we have had numerous pieces submitted by well-established artists over the years, we also accept art created by children. Your amount of talent does not deny you your creative voice, and we look forward to seeing what your art has to say!

What kind of art is allowed / not allowed in Perspectives Arts shows?

The Perspectives Arts teams welcome the varied and diverse viewpoints of everyone who submits to any of the variety of art shows put on during the year. Your perspective matters to us! Whether it’s coming from a place of Christianity or atheism, traditional or non-traditional gender representation, or from any spectrum of human existence, we want to know more about you through your art.

However, keep in mind that Perspectives Arts events are family-friendly and that the venues where your art may hang reserve the right not to display it. With this in mind, please mindfully consider whether or not to include graphic violence, sexuality, or language in your piece, as these might prevent it from being displayed.

What is the process for submitting a piece for a Perspectives Arts event?

  1. Sign up for the event by filling out our web form.
  2. Create your piece using whichever medium you want (see above).
  3. Have your piece ready to be displayed and turned in by the Submission Deadline for the current show.
  4. Art should be ready to hang. Ideally, it will have a hanging wire on the back so our hanging clips can attach to it. (If your art is not ready to hang or be displayed when it is dropped off, we will not accept it and will require you to make the art hangable/displayable before dropping it off again.)
  5. If you signed up ahead of time, you will receive an e-mail close to the submission deadline that will ask you to fill out the following information via a web form on the Perspectives Arts website:
    • Artist Info
      • Name
      • E-mail
      • Social Media Tag/Website (optional)
    • Submission Info
      • Title
      • Medium
      • Size
      • Theme/Station (if required)
      • Description (3-5 sentences)
      • Are you selling this art? (optional)
      • Price (optional)
      • Photo Upload of your piece (jpg, png, etc.)
  6. After the show is over, don’t forget to Pick Up your art!

If your piece is chosen to be included in an art show, we will ask if you allow it and its imagery to be used for promotional purposes for the current and future shows of the same theme (this question is asked when filling out the submission form online).

What is the timeline for a Perspectives Arts event?

Most events put on by the Perspectives Arts team follow a similar timeline…

  • A call for art is first put out two weeks before a sign-up deadline is reached.
  • After the sign-up deadline, artists will have one month to create their piece before art is due.
  • After art is due, the Perspectives Arts team spends two weeks hanging the art prior to the show opening.
  • From the show opening, a Perspectives Arts event usually lasts one week.

Two weeks after the show closes, artists are expected to pick up their art.

Is the art displayed at an event for sale?

Short answer: yes! Not every piece of art displayed at a Perspectives Arts event is for sale. However, if you are an artist submitting a piece to an event, one of the options you can choose when you fill in the Submission form is whether or not it will be for sale. While an artist can designate the price for their piece (again, a part of the Submission form), these prices will not be advertised at the event. Instead a special annotation will be on the description card that the item is for sale. If anyone is interested in purchasing a piece that is for sale, they can reach out to the Perspectives Arts team, who will pass on the contact info of the artist.