In the Dan Brown book, The Lost Symbol, there is a discussion about the weight of a human soul. Not necessarily a metaphorical weight, but rather a physical one. Considering how Jesus bore the sins of every soul that ever existed, what would the physical weight of that be? Could his sacrifice and resulting connection to all souls create a physical reaction in the Earth itself? When a soul carrying such a burden leaves a body, could it fracture the ground? Could it tear down the thick curtains in the Temple? Some who don’t believe in such things may say these events were mere coincidence or metaphorical artistic license. Instead, we need to ask ourselves what the impact of a single life can be, especially one laid down for their friends.

Fracture by Sam Friesema

Artist Statement: ‘Fracture’ represents the moment in time and in our lives when we gain a new sense of clarity and freedom from the work of Christ.

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Good Friday Show Tonight

We also hope you will join us for the Virtual Good Friday event for the Perspectives on the Passion show! A variety of artists will be performing music, spoken word, dance, and other forms of art. This year it will take place on Zoom.

Day: Friday, April 10
Time: 7-8pm
Location: Thanks to those who joined us on Zoom!

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