When you know you’ve done something wrong, does it sometimes feel like everyone reminds you of that fact? In our justice system, a conviction may keep an individual metaphorically chained down, unable to rise up past their mistakes with the condemnation that ties to a guilty verdict. How few opportunities are there for those who were judged to be guilty? Similarly, we all are guilty of the crime of being sinners. Each time we falter from the perfection God meant for us, does it seem like we keep being hammered with the realization that we’ve failed? Do you ever want to cry out and say, “I know! I know I messed up!” Should we then not condemn those around us, who are likely experiencing that same guilt?

Guilty by Brittany Nader

Artist Statement: This piece shows the inescapable feeling of hopelessness under the weight of condemnation. We had no escape before Jesus broke our chains and stepped between us and the gavel. He was condemned for our sins, wrapped in our chains, and sentenced to our deserved punishment.

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