Letting Go

There’s a fine line between obedience and submission. Both look the same in their results, but only one has the right attitude behind it. Societies are founded on obedience, whereas rebellions are grown from submission. Obedience asks kindly and the proper response is to obey cheerfully. Submission isn’t asking. Often, we find ourselves at odds with submitting to authority. They’ll tell us to do things one way, even if we would much rather do them our own way. The problem with resisting authority is the consequences that would result from this action (or inaction). The one wrinkle in all this is, while Jesus submitted himself to be crucified by the authorities of the Earth, he did so in obedience to his heavenly Father. So ask yourself: can submission to authority also be obedience to God?

Letting Go by Cindy Meinert

Artist Statement: For Lent this year, God asked me to give up some very hard things. That submission initially felt heavy and fear filled, but in submitting to God I found freedom and peace. Even beyond that, I experienced growth and new life. To me these works attempt to represent my transition – struggling to submit to God, understanding the freedom submission brings, and finally the growth true submission allows.

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