The world is not perfect. It hasn’t been for a very long time. While those around Jesus grieved and mourned for his upcoming death, he had lament for the condition of the world. Fortunately, his death would help solve some of the world’s problems. What are your perspectives on lament, grief, and mourning?

Station 5 :: Jesus Judged by Pilate :: Mark 15:1-5,15
Jesus is brought before the Roman ruler of the area, Pontius Pilate, for judgement.

  •  Who or what do you have authority over?
  •  What would you do if you saw a mob mistreating someone?
  •  How would you react if there was nothing you could do to save someone?

Station 6 :: Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with Thorns :: John 19:1-3
Jesus is beaten and mockingly given a royal robe and crown of thorns to wear.

  •  How does it feel when someone mocks your identity?
  •  What’s the most painful beating you’ve ever endured?
  •  When have you kicked someone when they were down?

Station 9 :: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem :: Luke 23:27-31
Jesus encounters women mourning for him, but tells them it will soon be worse.

  •  Have you ever received hope from knowing your situation isn’t the worst?
  •  How do you feel about women bringing children into a war-filled world?
  •  Are women who give birth the opposite of executioners of death?

Station 13 :: Jesus Dies on the Cross :: Luke 23:44-46
Jesus succumbs to the crucifixion, leading to many supernatural phenomenon.

  •  What’s an impossible thing you think will never happen?
  •  Have you ever experienced a solar eclipse or an earthquake?
  •  Has anyone ever sacrificed their life so that you could live?

Station 14 :: He is Laid in the Tomb :: Matthew 27:57-60
Joseph of Arimathea requests Jesus’ body and puts him in his personal tomb.

  •  Have you ever publicly associated with someone controversial?
  •  What status symbol would you give up for a dead person to get dignity?
  •  When have you sacrificed something for a funeral?