Perspectives on the Passion

Every life is a journey from life to death. We partake in the fullness of our own journey but we can only glimpse moments of the journeys of others. Jesus’ journey to the cross began long before he was betrayed and continued long after he rose from the dead. During the season of Lent, Christians reflect on the Scriptural Way of the Cross leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection. Jesus experienced the journey, we asked artists to capture glimpses of these moments.

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Don't Hold On To Me Yet by Amy Marshall and Madeleine Marshall (age 4)
Theme-Hope: Mary Magdalene was the first of Jesus’ followers he chose to appear to after he rose from the dead. She didn’t recognize him at first, until he spoke her name. Then, she must have run to him and clung to him, because he said, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father” (John 20:17, italics added). Then he commissioned her to go and proclaim the good news to the other disciples. Right now, Jesus is with God the Father. But when he comes back, I can’t wait to hold on to him. In the mean time, I’ll share the good news.