Nobody fully accepts everyone. There are always those in our life who we condemn, even if we do so subconsciously. While we don’t necessarily go to the level of condemnation that Jesus had to face in his final moments, how does your perspective on condemnation mold how you interact with others?

Station 3 :: Jesus Condemned by the Sanhedrin :: Luke 22:66-71
Jesus is brought before the court of the Sanhedrin and asked to justify his blasphemy.

  •  Have you ever felt everyone is against you?
  •  What do you do when faced with people who already have their mind set?
  •  Have you ever just accepted the mean things people say about you?

Station 6 :: Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with Thorns :: John 19:1-3
Jesus is beaten and mockingly given a royal robe and crown of thorns to wear.

  •  How does it feel when someone mocks your identity?
  •  What’s the most painful beating you’ve ever endured?
  •  When have you kicked someone when they’re down?

Station 10 :: Jesus is Crucified :: Luke 23:33-34
Jesus is nailed to the cross and lifted up to be crucified.

  •  What would having your hands and feet pierced with nails feel like?
  •  How brutal of an execution do you think crucifixion was?
  •  What modern forms of public execution (literal/metaphorical) do you see today?