Hope and Restoration

How often have you gone through a tough situation, only to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel? The death of Jesus was difficult for his followers but his resurrection brought restoration to the world. If the disciples believed the prophecies, would they have had hope for the future. What is your perspective on this dual theme?

Station 1 :: Mary Magdalene :: John 20:1-18
Mary Magdalene was the first to find Jesus gone from the tomb and the first to see him again.

  •  How would you react if you found your friend’s grave empty?
  •  Have you ever been the first to realize something awful/strange has happened?
  •  What would prevent you from recognizing your dead friend if he was alive?

Station 2 :: Women at the tomb :: Matthew 28:1-10
Some women came to the tomb, only to be greeted by an angel who said Jesus had risen.

  •  How would you react to seeing an angel who had good news?
  •  What kind of natural power would it take to resurrect someone?
  •  What would you do if you were the first to witness spectacular news?

Station 3 :: The 10 Disciples :: John 20:19-23
Jesus visits 10 of his Disciples who were hiding behind locked doors.

  •  If someone you followed was killed by the government, how would you feel?
  •  How would you react upon finding a mentor alive again?
  •  When have you ever thought to yourself, “I’ll be killed next”?

Station 4 :: Road to Emmaus :: Luke 24:13-35
Two Disciples were walking to Emmaus and were joined by Jesus, but didn’t know it.

  •  Have you ever met an old friend you didn’t immediately recognize?
  •  What prophecies have you seen come to fruition?
  •  When have you discussed a friend’s life when they were within earshot?

Station 5 :: Thomas and the 10 Disciples :: John 20:24-29
Thomas was not with the 10 Disciples when Jesus first came, so he doubted their claims.

  •  What does it take for you to believe someone’s unbelievable claim?
  •  Do you have to touch something for it to be real and understandable?
  •  How many people would it take to convince you of something?

Station 6 :: Breakfast in Galilee :: John 21:1-22
Jesus meets with his fishermen Disciples and has breakfast with them on the beach.

  •  If you denied a friend who died, what would you say to them?
  •  When have you recognized a close friend by an inside joke?
  •  What would it take for you to drop everything and follow someone?

Station 7 :: Jesus taken up into heaven :: Acts 1:11
Jesus ascends into the sky and disappears into heaven.

  •  What would it feel like to see someone ascend into heaven?
  •  How long do you think it would take someone ascended to return to Earth?
  •  How would you react to someone returning to Earth from heaven?