We hate to admit it, but most of our actions are driven by who or what we are loyal to. Sometimes our actions can be illogical until we realize what loyalties are influencing us. In Jesus’ last moments, people were loyal to themselves, governments, and God himself. How does your loyalty shape your perspective?

Station 2 :: Betrayed and Arrested :: Mark 14:43-46
Jesus is betrayed by Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples, and is arrested by the Romans.

  •  When have you been betrayed by someone close to you?
  •  How would you react if you were being arrested for something you didn’t do?
  •  What would you do if one of your friends was wrongly arrested?

Station 4 :: Jesus Denied by Peter :: Matthew 26:69-75
Peter, a close disciple of Jesus, denies knowing Christ three times.

  •  Have you ever been caught in a lie?
  •  If someone said you would reject them, how might you react?
  •  What circumstances would force you to deny knowing a close friend? 

Station 7 :: Jesus Bears the Cross :: John 19:6,15-17
Jesus is given a heavy crossbeam to carry to his execution site.

  •  What’s the heaviest burden you’ve had to carry? Physically? Emotionally?
  •  Have you ever had to keep going, even though you’ve been through a lot?
  •  When have you performed an action you know will lead to your demise?

Station 8 :: Jesus is Helped by Simon Carrying the Cross :: Mark 15:21
Simon, a mere passerby, is persuaded to carry the cross when Jesus can no longer continue forward.

  •  When have you been pulled into something you didn’t want to do?
  •  Have you ever helped someone you came across who is suffering?
  •  When have you had a choice made for you?

Station 10 :: Jesus is Crucified :: Luke 23:33-34
Jesus is nailed to the cross and lifted up to be crucified.

  •  What would having your hands and feet pierced with nails feel like?
  •  How brutal of an execution do you think crucifixion was?
  •  What modern forms of public execution (literal/metaphorical) do you see today?

Station 11 :: Jesus Promises His Kingdom :: Luke 23:39-43
Jesus was crucified with two thieves, one who mocked him and one who believed Him.

  •  If you were about to die, what desperate measures might you take?
  •  Have you ever recognized the truth in someone and proclaimed it?
  •  Were you ever rewarded for telling the truth?

Station 12 :: Jesus Speaks to His Mother and Beloved Disciples :: John 19:25-27
Jesus settles His affairs by having his disciples take care of His family.

  •  What do you have written down in your will?
  •  If you were to die today, what would happen to your family?
  •  Who would you want to take care of your family if you died?

Station 14 :: He is Laid in the Tomb :: Matthew 27:57-60
Joseph of Arimathea requests Jesus’ body and puts him in his personal tomb.

  •  Have you ever publicly associated with someone controversial?
  •  What status symbol would you give up for a dead person to get dignity?
  •  When have you sacrificed something for a funeral?