Jesus’ sacrifice was the ultimate fix to a problem that started back in the Garden of Eden. While we have not directly experienced the extreme sacrifice of giving our lives so others may live, perhaps there are sacrifices you’ve made in your life you can draw from and explore your perspective on this theme.

Station 6 :: Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with Thorns :: John 19:1-3
Jesus is beaten and mockingly given a royal robe and crown of thorns to wear.

  •  How does it feel when someone mocks your identity?
  •  What’s the most painful beating you’ve ever endured?
  •  When have you kicked someone when they’re down?

Station 8 :: Jesus is Helped by Simon Carrying the Cross :: Mark 15:21
Simon, a mere passerby, is persuaded to carry the cross when Jesus can no longer continue forward.

  •  When have you been pulled into something you didn’t want to do?
  •  Have you ever helped someone you came across who is suffering?
  •  When have you had a choice made for you?

Station 10 :: Jesus is Crucified :: Luke 23:33-34
Jesus is nailed to the cross and lifted up to be crucified.

  •  What would having your hands and feet pierced with nails feel like?
  •  How brutal of an execution do you think crucifixion was?
  •  What modern forms of public execution (literal/metaphorical) do you see today?

Station 13 :: Jesus Dies on the Cross :: Luke 23:44-46
Jesus succumbs to the crucifixion, leading to many supernatural phenomenon.

  •  What’s an impossible thing you think will never happen?
  •  Have you ever experienced a solar eclipse or an earthquake?
  •  Has anyone ever sacrificed their life so you could live?