One of the most natural human instincts is that of self-preservation. We will prioritize our survival above all else. What is unique about Jesus’ story is how he was able to overcome this very human trait while those around him mostly succumbed to it. What is your perspective on this human instinct?

Station 4 :: Jesus Denied by Peter :: Matthew 26:69-75
Peter, a close disciple of Jesus, denies knowing Christ three times.

  •  Have you ever been caught in a lie?
  •  If someone said you would reject them, how might you react?
  •  What circumstances would force you to deny knowing a close friend?

Station 7 :: Jesus Bears the Cross :: John 19:6,15-17
Jesus is given a heavy crossbeam to carry to his execution site.

  •  What’s the heaviest burden you’ve had to carry? Physically? Emotionally?
  •  Have you ever had to keep going, even though you’ve been through a lot?
  •  When have you performed an action you know will lead to your demise?

Station 9 :: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem :: Luke 23:27-31
Jesus encounters women mourning for him, but tells them it will soon be worse.

  •  Have you ever received hope from knowing your situation isn’t the worst?
  •  How do you feel about women bringing children into a war-filled world?
  •  Are women who give birth the opposite of executioners of death?

Station 11 :: Jesus Promises His Kingdom :: Luke 23:39-43
Jesus was crucified with two thieves, one who mocked him and one who believed Him.

  •  If you were about to die, what desperate measures might you take?
  •  Have you ever recognized the truth in someone and proclaimed it?
  •  Were you ever rewarded for telling the truth?