Have you ever had to do something you didn’t want to do? Jesus’ last moments gave us plenty of examples of people who were obedient to others, regardless of whether or not they had a choice. What are your perspectives on submitting to others who may or may not have your best interest in mind?

Station 1 :: Jesus in the Garden :: Matthew 26:36-41
Jesus prays to have his fate taken away from him while his disciples fall asleep nearby.

  •  How do you feel when you’re faced with an event you know will be painful?
  •  What is it like when your friends don’t support you?
  •  How does it feel to accept your fate?

Station 5 :: Jesus Judged by Pilate :: Mark 15:1-5,15
Jesus is brought before the Roman ruler of the area, Pontius Pilate, for judgement.

  •  Who or what do you have authority over?
  •  What would you do if you saw a mob mistreating someone?
  •  How would you react if there was nothing you could do to save someone?

Station 7 :: Jesus Bears the Cross :: John 19:6,15-17
Jesus is given a heavy crossbeam to carry to his execution site.

  •  What’s the heaviest burden you’ve had to carry? Physically? Emotionally?
  •  Have you ever had to keep going, even though you’ve been through a lot?
  •  When have you performed an action you know will lead to your demise?

Station 8 :: Jesus is Helped by Simon Carrying the Cross :: Mark 15:21
Simon, a mere passerby, is persuaded to carry the cross when Jesus can no longer continue forward.

  •  When have you been pulled into something you didn’t want to do?
  •  Have you ever helped someone you come across who is suffering?
  •  When have you had a choice made for you?

Station 10 :: Jesus is Crucified :: Luke 23:33-34
Jesus is nailed to the cross and lifted up to be crucified.

  •  What would having your hands and feet pierced with nails feel like?
  •  How brutal of an execution do you think crucifixion was?
  •  What modern forms of public execution (literal/metaphorical) do you see today?

Station 13 :: Jesus Dies on the Cross :: Luke 23:44-46
Jesus succumbs to the crucifixion, leading to many supernatural phenomenon.

  •  What’s an impossible thing that you think will never happen?
  •  Have you ever experienced a solar eclipse or an earthquake?
  •  Has anyone ever sacrificed their life so that you should live?