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Perspectives Arts welcomes the perspectives of all people through the medium of artistic expression. Through events like Perspectives on the Passion or Perspectives on Redemption, the Perspectives Arts team has seen numerous viewpoints on challenging topics and ideas. In each Art Show, there have been drastically different takes on themes that shows the diversity of artists’ worldviews. Even year-to-year, the same Art Show brings together unique and original interpretations.

Perspectives on the Incarnation 2020

Perspectives on the Passion 2020

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When Death Comes by Helen Stanko
I usually think of accidents, sickness and personal attack as painful and disastrous. But are they really? Just as I have lately been using cast-offs or leftovers to make nice-looking things, surely God can use even trash (or sinners like me) to make something beautiful. I know He can do the same for you. And the end result is nothing short of awesome!