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Perspectives Arts welcomes the perspectives of all people through the medium of artistic expression. Through events like Perspectives on the Passion or Perspectives on Redemption, the Perspectives Arts team has seen numerous viewpoints on challenging topics and ideas. In each Art Show, there have been drastically different takes on themes that shows the diversity of artists’ worldviews. Even year-to-year, the same Art Show brings together unique and original interpretations.

Perspectives on the Passion 2022

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The Star by Elise Friesema
The star showed the world when and where Jesus our savior was born. We should live our lives in a way that shows others the light within us.

Perspectives on the Incarnation 2021

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Judgement by Scott Baker
Casting the first stone , we judge everyone and everything with our first glance, are we without sin? Do we strive towards better, or turn a blind eye to ourselves?

Perspectives on the Passion 2021

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My Savior Through Every Season by Jess Ohman

I created this piece to signify that each season may be different an difficult, and that not every season is black and white. Sometimes we have winter in spring. No matter what, God died for me and saved me. Through every season, that is the promise I hold onto.


Ezekiel 34:26, Hebrews13:8, Matthew 28:20

Perspectives on the Incarnation 2020

Perspectives on the Passion 2020