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Perspectives Arts welcomes the perspectives of all people through the medium of artistic expression. Through events like Perspectives on the Passion or Perspectives on Redemption, the Perspectives Arts team has seen numerous viewpoints on challenging topics and ideas. In each Art Show, there have been drastically different takes on themes that shows the diversity of artists’ worldviews. Even year-to-year, the same Art Show brings together unique and original interpretations.

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Perspectives on the Passion 2020

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The Sleeping Girl (Page 1 of 3) by Donya Duggleby
I was challenged to give my testimony of who God has consistently shown Himself to be to me. As I prayerfully pondered how I would answer, this poem began to flow like water from my pen. It shows how I initially responded to the betrayal of the first significant man in my life (my father) and then later the second significant man in my life (my husband). God met me where I was at the time...shut down and "asleep" in many ways. He introduced Himself to me in a way that has utterly changed my life.