Sign Up: Perspectives on the Incarnation

Perspectives on the Incarnation will run during the Advent season and has a variety of topics to inspire your art. You can choose to either create art that represents one of the four candles of Advent or the themes that are tied to them. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts or themes, here is a primer:

  • First Candle—Prophets/Hope: Many prophecies foretold Jesus’ coming. Most prophets never lived to see their predictions come true. In a season that can be rife with depression, what words of hope can we still glean from them today?
  • Second Candle—Bethlehem/Love: This small town was not the place for a king to be born. Even if it wasn’t ideal, Mary and Joseph’s love brought them to this spot for Jesus’ birth. What acts of love can we do to others during this Advent season?
  • Third Candle—Shepherds/Joy: Shepherds were fairly low on the societal ladder. The fact that they were the first to hear the joyful news of the Messiah’s birth comes as a surprise to many who don’t recognize heaven’s hierarchy. Just like the shepherds shared this joy, how can we share our joy with others?
  • Fourth Candle—Angels/Peace: The raw energy and power of an angel brought many who saw them to tears with fear. The comforting words of “Do not be afraid” helped bring peace to these people. What turmoil in this world needs the peace of the angels?

Please consider creating some art that fits one of these candles/themes for the art show. We welcome you to sign up for the Perspectives on the Incarnation event below. The deadline for your art is November 29th.

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By signing up, you will also receive periodic emails related to the show with encouragement and logistics.