Stung, 911, Judged, Luke 23

What’s the greatest sacrifice you’ve ever had to endure? Did you have to move across the country to take care of an elderly parent? Did you have to give up a lucrative career to support your spouse? Have you spent thousands of dollars bailing out a child who won’t give you the time of day? All of these examples revolve around the idea that we’d sacrifice a lot more for our family than we would for strangers. Going even further, we’d likely sacrifice something to help our friends as well. But strangers? Jesus said that “even the least of these” is worthy of our attention. Are they also worthy of our sacrifice? Would you give your home to the homeless? Would you give all your money to the poor? Would you die so that those you’ve never met could live?

Stung, 911, Judged, Luke 23
by Gay Houghtaling

Artist Statement: As I read the themes of this Perspectives Arts event, I was reminded of poems I have written over the years. Each poem and accompanying object represent both human struggle with current struggles and grief, as well as Christs’ journey and sacrifice.

Stung (bee stinger looking object), 911 (bronze hands), Judged (scale), Luke 23 (Bible)

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