The Jesus Balloon

The status quo is a nasty beast. Not only does it cause us to become numb to any opportunities that might lift us higher, but it can provoke jealousy in those who see others succeeding above the baseline. How often do we find ourselves conforming to what’s “popular” just so we can fit in with the crowd? It’s easy to “punch up” when we’re gossiping about those more successful than ourselves, but what would it look like if we took that same energy in lifting everyone else up? The status quo feasts on averages. Sure, there are some above average and some below, but it’s easier if everyone was just “average.” Are we ashamed of rising above or falling below the status quo? If we don’t want to stand out, what do we do to preserve ourselves in this lukewarm state?

The Jesus Balloon by Meg Shaver

Artist Statement: Just like Pontius Pilot made the easy choice of keeping the crowd happy and maintaining the status quo, so do people today. We all have our little balloons (life) filled with whatever helium we put in them. We keep them about the same size and height as other and go on down the road. It’s safe. If we were to rise above then, we risk someone in the crowd trying to take us down. There will always be someone. But there will also be those that cheer us on and those that just don’t even notice. None of that should matter. What should matter is filling our balloons with Jesus helium and keeping our focus there – no matter what the outcome.

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