The Tomb

Some of the most dramatic changes happen in the dark. There’s a mystery that surrounds the unseen, especially when the results are so different from what was initially observed. Consider the butterfly: a caterpillar hides away in a cocoon of its own making, using the cover of this protective shell to undergo a transformation into a beautiful creature vastly changed from its humble origins. There’s a finality to the caterpillar’s plight. It cannot go back to being a caterpillar when it enters that cocoon. It essentially dies and is hidden, only to be reborn. But does the caterpillar know this? As humans, we consider death to be the end of our journeys on this Earth. When we lay our dead in the dark and hidden tombs, we do not expect these bodies to rise again. What a glorious day that, for once, this was not true.

The Tomb by Elise Friesema

Artist Statement: My painting is of the tomb. Looking in the entrance to death. This is where sin will be washed away.

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